Chauffeur driven car booking procedure
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Clare Summerton explains how clients book a chauffeur driven car

Bookings can be made via phone but via email or the web site is preferred unless it is a last minute booking.

We require either the time the customer wishes to be collected or the time they wish to arrive at the airport or when their flight is so that we can recommend a collection time. Customers' details such as address, mobile and method of payment are kept on file so that this does not need to be included with every booking, allowing us to streamline to booking process for regular clients.

For airport transfers we would require the scheduled landing time. The driver will then check the flight and arrive in the terminal to meet the customer when he determines they would be nearing the Arrivals Lounge. Once a booking is made a reply email is sent confirming details. For my part I put the booking in the company's online diary, on my back up list and on an email to Stuart to keep him informed.

The day before the booking a text message is sent to the customer confirming the collection time, flight number if appropriate and advising the name and mobile number of the driver who will be collecting them. Once the customer arrives at the airport or comes out of a restaurant they can call the driver if they can't immediately locate him. Sometimes, particularly in London, it is difficult for the drivers to get directly outside a venue so if the customer phones the driver as they leave it can enable the driver to pull up outside. Having spoken to customers I believe they like to receive the text the day before so they know the car is booked. It is also useful for them to have the booking details near the top of their recent texts list.

We always welcome contact from our customers if they are in any doubt over arrangements. The customer will always have the office number, Stuart's mobile and quite often mine to ring if there is a problem leading up to the journey.

Many of our clients use our chauffeur services regularly. Some have their favourite drivers and I try to make sure they get the driver(s) they like whenever possible.

Payment is accepted via credit/debit cards and we also offer some accounts. It is perhaps a 70/30 split, with the majority paying via credit card. Cards are processed after the trip. Statements of account are available on demand. We send out invoices at the beginning of each month. Both invoices and statements are emailed to customers/secretaries which we find the most efficient practice.

We are always happy to receive feedback on our service and are keen to improve it in any way we can.

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