Coronavirus - How SNC Cars are dealing with the threat...
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

We are noticing a significant increase in clients using our service to commute to their place of work avoiding the rail network greatly reducing risk of infection. This is likely to be a preferred method of transport over the coming months and one we are happy to provide.

Also, we are we are very happy to drive customers to and from London Hospitals and unfortunately funerals anywhere in the UK. Customers also have requirements for IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS to be SECURELY transferred around the UK. If we can be of service, don't hesitate to contact us.

We are adhering to the latest governmental (TFL) advice to keep both clients and drivers as safe as possible.

In response to the Coronavirus outbreak ensuring the safety of both driver and clients are adhering to the latest government (TFL) advice and would advise of procedure now in place after every passenger has left one of our vehicles:

Vehicle Hygiene Procedure:

  • With the use of antiseptic wipes, sanitise all necessary passenger seating areas e.g. all door handles interior & exterior, seats, headrests, buttons/controls etc.
  • Any power cords or leads used
  • Driver to sanitise his hands before and after cleansing procedure

Our drivers will:

  • Carefully monitor their own health
  • Isolate themselves immediately if they feel they have been compromised
  • Avoid hand shaking and unnecessary contact with client
  • Have removed newspapers/magazines until further notice
  • Wipe luggage handles if assistance is needed
  • Offer hand gel or wipes if required

We can assure that we have both your and our best interests at heart so help us by allowing SNC to keep you mobile and safe!!